Good Friday seems like a good time for confession. So, here it is:

The last several weeks I have worked (hard) to try and pull off something our church has never done before–have two Sunday morning services. Currently, we have about 400+/- people show up for our regular Sunday service. With Easter we decided to have two services to accommodate the anticipated number of guest that will be joining us. The preparation for this has been pretty big (I’ll spare you the details) and I’ve been hoping and planning for us to see 600-800 people join us on Easter Sunday to hear the good news of what God has done for us in his son Jesus. And here is where the problem kicks in. I find that there is a lurking fear in me that we won’t come anywhere close to 600-800 people. While the fear isn’t inherently bad, it is the root of the fear that really gets me. The root of the fear is that I somehow feel like I will have failed if it doesn’t happen.

But thanks be to God that this is Good Friday. The day that we have a gruesome reminder of how bad sin really is and the wrath we truly deserve because of it. See, I’m so worried about what other may think (or more specifically what I think of myself based on my “success”) that I forget that success isn’t measured in a flawless execution of a plan. Success is measured in the execution of God’s flawless son. See, my fear is just another reminder that I am far too concerned with my good name and fame than I am with God’s. I seek, in big and (more so) small ways, to steal the fame and glory due only to God.

So, I hope as this Good Friday continues, and we lead into Easter, that my heart will be more interested in the proclamation of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection for sinners like me, than on how well this all comes together. I hope and pray for many to hear about Jesus this Sunday (maybe even 600-800 at Redemption Hill’s Easter Service), but not so that people can be impressed with how well I can pull off an event, or that we can gather a big crowd, but so they can be hear the news that offers them forgiveness of their sins. It is the news that I cling to now, and always.

“To him be the glory forever” Romans 11:36