This will be the official dumping grounds of all the links and stuff I come across that might be useful to church planters and/or executive pastors. Mostly, I want to be able to find them when I need them. Hope they help you. Feel free to drop any helpful links you have in the comments. I’ll add the good ones to the list.

Last updated – Aug 24, 2014


  • Church Jobs – This is a helpful site for posting and finding ministry positions.
  • Employee Handbook – Available from Bethlehem Baptist Church (John Piper)
  • Church Staff Documents – A wealth of resources from Bethlehem Baptist Church (John Piper)
  • Best Church Payroll Service – Great rates. Amazing customer service. iPhone app. Seriously, these folks are the best. They understand clergy tax and housing allowances. Call and ask for Lara (x7273) and tell her Ryan from Redemption Hill sent you. Your first month’s processing fee will be waived.
  • Exempt Employees – It is important that your employees are classified correctly. If an employee is non-exempt you need to track their hours and pay them overtime (along with other requirements of FLSA). This resource will help you know which of your employees are exempt.


  • Church Compensation Data – (ECFA has put this behind a paywall. You have to become a Platinum member to access it). Compensation survey information for the top positions for churches and other nonprofit organizations.
  • SBC Compensation Data – Super helpful tool with lots of filters.
  • Keeping track of authority granted – Document and update who has what financial authority in your organization. Review and update this information semi-annually.
  • Health Insurance Tax Credit – Did you know that, even though you church doesn’t pay taxes you may be entitled to a credit ($$$) from the government?   If you pay for at least 50% of your employees health insurance, then you might be able to get 35% of that cost back.
  • Housing Allowance Info – What is a housing allowance? Who can get one? What can you use it for?
  • Tax Responsibilities for Ministers (including opting out of Social Security) – Can I opt out of social security? Do I pay SE tax on my housing allowance? Can the church reimburse me for my SE tax?


The Law:

  • ECFA News Page – The ECFA has a great page with all the latest headlines that have legal impact on churches. I also HIGHLY recommend you Sign up for a free account with them. The biggest advantage is their monthly email blast, which is extremely helpful.
  • Church Law & Tax – Most of the articles here require a subscription, but you can join the email list for free. This will keep you in the loop on many legal issues facing your church.


  • Phil Bowdle – Phil Bowdle is the Communications Director at West Ridge Church in Atlanta, GA. He has a lot of great resources for church communication. In particular, check out Developing a Communication Plan and Ministry Communication Audit.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Twitter – This is the best primer I’ve seen for a business looking to start using twitter. From setting up your profile, to standard practices, terminology, and how to best “use” twitter as a tool. Written for businesses, but just about everything can apply to churches as well.

Resource Sites: