When I first thought about attending seminary, money was a big consideration. I remember searching for scholarships, but it was a tedious and somewhat futile venture. The main reason was that there were hundreds of poorly designed sites that offered scholarships with any number of limiting criteria that a may or may not meet.

I often thought that a solution should exist which allows a potential seminarian to simply check some boxes that help identify what he or she is looking for in a scholarship and simply have the results appear.

For example, I want to see scholarships for non-minority men who don’t have any denominational affiliation that can be used at any seminary. Someone else may want to see scholarships for women who are studying part time and live in Texas.

I’ve honestly been thinking about this problem for years.

Finally, I’ve done something about it.

I created a Seminary Scholarship website that serves as a growing database of every seminary scholarship I can find. The database is filterable across a large number of criteria, which you can mix and match to find just the right scholarship for each unique situation.

I think it is cool. Hopefully people find it useful.