UPDATE: Saturday is for Suffering is now an official class I lead every month at my gym. More info here.

I have two very physically demanding events coming up in the Wintergreen Spartan and a GoRuck Tough and I’m using my Saturdays between now and the events for specific training.

I have mentioned it on Facebook and some poor souls have said they wanted to join in. For that reason, I’ll be posting my weekly game plan here so that everyone can know what to expect (and where to meet).

The goal of my Saturday training is three fold:

  • Kill Hills! Wintergreen’s slopes killed me last year. The plan this year is to find increasingly more difficult hills to go up and down each week. Every Saturday will be spent on a hill. There will be no flat surfaces during these trainings.
  • Work Under a Load. The GoRuck will require me to carry a backpack with 30 pounds of bricks in it for about 10-12 hours. So, all workouts will be done with that load.
  • Carry Stuff. Both Wintergreen and GoRuck will require me to pick crap up and carry it. So, every Saturday will involve a heavy log and/or bucket of rocks (or as my wife calls it, the bucket of suck). Increasing emphasis will be placed on overhead log carries as much as possible.

In addition to my Saturday trainings, I realize there are some other areas that I need to work on. Most of this can be covered in my trips to the gym with some modification or at home.

  • Adding my ruck. Workouts with push ups, burpees, running, air squats, etc should be done with a Ruck on.
  • Flexibility. This is just a general area I need to improve that will pay big dividends in both events.
  • Mileage. I will need to put in some moderate 3-5 mile runs on hilly terrain when possible.

Below are the Saturday plans:

Saturday Suffering for MAY 30:

Crossfit Full Circle
8:00 or 9:00 am
Workout: Murph

I haven’t felt very good this week. Decided I’ll sleep in on Saturday and focus my energy on Murph. I’ll do my miles with the Ruck on, but will ditch it for the other stuff. If anyone wants to join my for it, Full Circle said I could bring friends. Just let me know.

Saturday Suffering for MAY 23:

Virginia War Memorial – Park down by the river (see map)
Workout: Memorial Day March (.5 mile loop)

NOTE: Feel free to bring your own log and/or bucket of rocks. I’ll do my best to supply extras.

Begin with a dynamic warmup for 10 minutes.

You can view the course map to see the Memorial Day March. We’ll start with a Log Carry up the hill from the parking lot. About 2/3 up the hill, we’ll set down the logs and jog over to the Bucket Carry Station. Carry buckets up the hill to the sidewalk. Place the buckets down and jog up to the Virginia War Memorial. Enter the memorial and do a 30 second plank, reflecting on the service and sacrifice of all the names etched into the glass. Exit the memorial and jog down to the sidewalk. Pick up the bucket and carry it down to the tree line. Put bucket down and jog over to your log. Bring it to the bottom of the hill.

Wash, rinse, repeat for 50 minutes.

BONUS POINTS – Join us for a free WOD With Warriors at 10am (and bring your ruck!)

Saturday Suffering for MAY 16:

Bryan Bark
Workout: The Route of Pain

Begin with a dynamic warmup for 10 minutes.

You can view the course map to see the Route of Pain. We’ll start with a Bucket Carry (or a log) up the hill from the parking lot and then back down. We’ll cross a water hazard (option bridge for a 5 burpee penalty) then then run until we hit the Bear Crawl section (which will be indicated with cones). After your bear crawl, you’ll run up a hill for the reward of a 15 second plank. When you’re done it is simply a short jog, more bear crawls, across the water hazard, and then back to the buckets. Wash, rinse, repeat for 40 minutes.

Be sure to check out the map. It is cool.

Saturday Suffering for MAY 9

Forrest Hill Park Loop (parking lot to lake only)
Meet in this parking lot.
Workout: Log Relay

Begin with a dynamic warmup for 10 minutes.

If we an even number of people show up, we will partner up. One log per team. Person 1 runs to the bottom of the hill while other person carries log (walking). Runner returns back up the hill and takes log, allowing his/her partner to run the hill. Once the log gets to the bottom of the hill… well, it needs to go back up. Do this over an over again until it is time to go home.

If we have an odd number of people show up, we will stagger start with 2 runners and 1 log carrier. Same principles as above.

Optional ways to add suffering: Ruck with weight or a weight vest, carry log overhead as often as possible, add a burpee penalty for “resting” with the log.