I once had the privilege of working as a marketing manager at Logos Bible Software. Since leaving the company almost 4 years ago, I have been amazed at the pace at which it has grown and the new projects and initiatives they’ve undertaken.

One such initiative is translation projects in which they seek to make really important historical theological texts accessible to English speaking audiences (aka: me).

One of the first such projects (that I can remember seeing) was Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics. I put my pre-order in way back in March 2011. Apparently they had enough interest and the translation project is under way. Now I’m just waiting for it to ship (which may be a while).

About a year later, Logos began a similar effort to translate Ceslas Spicq’s The Epistle to the HebrewsI’m particularly excited about this project because Spicq’s commentary, as Logos says  on the page, “still ranks as one of the most important contributions to scholarship on the letter to the Hebrews in the last seventy years.” I did a quick search for “Spicq” in my Logos Library and it returned 5,000+ results across 283 different books. That’s a lot of footnotes. Sadly, his text is locked up in French. But, if some more people pre-order it then we (aka: I) can finally have access to this great work.

Finally, the latest edition in Logos’ translation efforts is Amandus Polanus’ Syntagma Theologiae Christianae. This is a tremendously influential work that sought to bring together a clear assimilation of Reformed orthodoxy in the time right after the Reformation. Again, such an interesting text to have available, but it needs to be translated first. Logos is trying to do it.

Interested in any of these?

If so, just click the link and “pre-order” the title. When Logos gets enough interest they’ll select a translator and get to work. It is kind of like Kickstarter for translation projects. Here are a few other translation projects they have in the works.


Notice: Once translated, Logos has offered to send me a free review copy of Syntagma Theologiae Christianae

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