UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: I’m no longer doing the stuff I mentioned in the first “update.” Now, I mostly spend my free time coaching soccer and helping my kids with their business. I’m sure some new project idea will come along soon though.

UPDATE UPDATE: On top of the stuff in the update below, I launched a new project to help seminary students find money for seminary.

UPDATE: The church job project described below has gone into a holding pattern and now occupies very little of my free time. Alas, I’ve picked up some new projects recently. Most notably, I am now managing GoingToSemianry.com and Best-Semianry.com for the Faithlife Corporation. I’m also likely going to restart some of my marketing consulting, as two clients have presented themselves recently. One is in the museum industry and the other is in frozen yogurt. I’m also noodling around an idea relate to hotel booking.

==Original Post==

My hobby for the last 9 years has been starting online businesses, with a side of marketing consulting.

About 6-8 months ago I gave it all up, sold or “froze” my websites, and stopped consulting.

It was amazing how refreshing it was to only have one job. In the evenings, after the kids went to bed, I just relaxed. Saturdays were no longer a conflict between family time and getting work done time. It was really nice.

Alas, the bug has struck again and I have been burning the midnight oil in order to build and launch Church-Jobs.org.

I wasn’t planning to build this site. I had a completely different idea in mind when I started. In fact, I actually wanted to do something with scholarships.

But, one thing led to another and now I’m in the business of trying to help churches and ministry staff connect.

We’ll see how the site goes and grows over time. I’m thankful that the bulk of the development is through, as that is the biggest time/energy sucker. Now I get to work on the fun stuff like marketing and business development.

Will it work? I guess that remains to be seen.