I had a WordPress site hacked today, and was able to get it fixed and live in less than 5 minutes. Really, it was nothing short of amazing!

The reality is that I’ve had numerous WordPress sites hacked over the years. I do the best I can to follow the majority of “best practices” for keeping a WordPress site hacker proof, but it always seems to happen eventually. In the past, I’d either kill the site entirely (if it wasn’t important) or I’d spend HOURS upon painful HOURS tracking down the wretched code and bringing the site back to life. Sadly, today, my Best Seminary website ran into some ugly hacker code and I was simply fed up. I didn’t want to deal with it and I was willing to pay to have it fixed. So, I went to Sucuri.

I will say, without hesitation, they are worth EVERY PENNY you pay. If you have a WordPress site that has been hacked, they’ll fix it… QUICK.

This is how it went down:

  • At 8:12 I opened an account with Sucuri
  • At 8:14 I opened a support ticket with a description of my hacker problem, including an FTP login for them to access my files.
  • At 8:16 I received an email stating that all the malware code had been removed and the site was good as new.

Seriously! 4 MINUTES!

Not only that, but Sucuri is a yearly service, so if anything like this ever happens again, they’ll take care of it for me.

If you ever have a WordPress site that gets hacked with malware or any crap like that, save yourself those precious and painful hours. Drop the coin and get Sucuri. You’ll be happy you did!