2022 Reading List

January 2022

  • One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp
    Gratitude is a term that is thrown in a lot of circles. From productivity gurus to health and wellness coaches, the benefits of “practicing gratitude” have become mainstream. As I pondered this, I wanted to explore the topic from a christian perspective. Enter Voskamp’s book. From the beginnings of a simple list of “one thousand blessings” to the unfolding of how gratitude leads us to deep communion (eucharisteo) with God, Voskamp invites us into her journey with brutal honesty and beautiful prose. Of course, the prose took some getting used to as Voscamp uses her words to paint poetic pictures upon every square inch of her book. The book was immensely helpful for me to frame gratitude appropriately and to begin practicing it with a God-glorifying end in mind.

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