Money for Seminary

When I first thought about attending seminary, money wa […]

Jesus and the Table

I’m preparing this week to preach from Matthew 26 […]

Jesus Died – Good!

The term “Good Friday” seems like such a pa […]

Church Audit Guide

As the director of operations for a young (4 years old […]

Are You Kidneying Me?

On November 9th, 2011, I am giving away a kidney. The l […]

Calvin Robert Burns

On July 4, 2011, we welcomed the newest member of the B […]

What should a pastor do?

The other day, Desiring God tweeted a quote from John O […]

Thither will I go.

A footnote in Leon Morris’ commentary on John 1:1 […]


O Living God, I bless thee   that I see the w […]

Who Can Baptize?

I enjoy reading John Calvin on baptism. The other day I […]

John Knox WAS a Bouncer

I wrote yesterday about the fact that John Owen didn&#8 […]

Baptizing Young Children

My wrestling with the idea of baptizing children began […]